Stammi Bern 06.08.2022


Data/e - 06.08.2022
17:00 - 23:45
Stato: OK
Indirizzi: https://bärenhö
iCal: iCal


Restaurant Treff

The “Stammi Bern” is held at the Restaurant Treff directly in Bern, at the tip of the old town. The restaurant offers delicious food for various tastes, but you can also just join for some beers, drinks, or non-alcoholic beverages. The Stammi starts from 17:00 and goes on until the last person leaves or the restaurant closes.

If you want to take a look at the food and drinks the restaurant offers, have a look at their website:
Treff Bern

The rules for the “Stammi” are simple:
– You are required to consume food or drinks, bringing your own is prohibited
– No Fursuiting and also no fetish gear, pup hoods etc.
– Be Furry and have fun!

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