Furmeet Bern 2022


Data/e - 23.07.2022
16:00 - 23:45
Stato: OK
Indirizzi: https://bärenhöhle.community
iCal: iCal



The Furmeet Bern takes place at the «Bärenhöhle» and is a great opportunity to enjoy all things furry. You can meet friends, fursuit, draw or play games, dance or just relax and hang out. There are no Covid restrictions at the moment.

The general rules for the Furmeet can be found here: Furmeet Bern

The following important rules apply for the Furmeet:

  • Participation only above the age of 16
  • Attendance is only allowed with registration https://t.me/baerenhoehlechbot
  • Participation is limited to 40 people.

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