There’s plenty of strange or specific terminology within our fandom. For you to get around, we’ve compiled a list with the most common terms!

AnthropomorphicMixing animal with human characteristics, like body shape, personality, the ability to ‘think’, logical reasoning etc. Think of cartoons like Bugs Bunny, or werewolfs etc.
AvianA member of an avian/bird species.
BadgeA small, usually laminated piece of art featuring artwork of a furry’s character, accompanied by their name. Used to identity oneself.
BoopThe act of playfully touching each other’s nose.
CanineOf or pertaining to a dog or dog-like qualities
CommissionTo pay an artist to produce a piece of art.
ConShort for ‘convention’. Usually a larger gathering to buy and sell artwork, participate in events and dances etc.
DigitigradeWalking on the ball of the foot only, as opposed to plantigrade
EquineOf or having to do with a horse or horse-like features
FeatheriesLike furries, but of an avian species (see also: Avians)
FeralThe real life counterpart of an animal.
FloofTo fluff the fur of a creature so the fur poofs out, usually loaded with electrostatic charge.
FreebieA free piece of art that an artist made for someone
FullsuitA fursuit that completely covers the wearer.
FurmeetsA gathering of furries.
FurryGeneral term for a anthropomorphic media and it’s fans. Might also describe a character with fur.
FursonaThe character representing a furry’s self.
FursuitA mascot-like costume based on a character.
FursuiterA person wearing a fursuit.
Fuzzball, floofballAdjectives for furry.
HooferA member of a hoofed species.
InkAn uncolored piece of art
LupineA wolf or wolf-like creature.
MeepA short and high pitches sound, usually made by smaller creatures.
MurrsuitA fursuit made for the purpose of engaging in sexual activities.
NuzzlingRubbing each others face together.
OCShort for ‘original character’. Can be a ‘fursona’, but might also be just an arbitary character created for e.g. role-playing.
owoEmoticon used in chat rooms similiar to o.o, but the ‘w’ is supposed to make it look more cute. Sometimes written as OwO or OWO.
Partial (partial suit)A fursuit that normally lacks the main body part.
PlantigradeWalking flat footed or on the ball and the heel only as opposed to digitigrade.
PlushieShorthand for plush toy.
PouncePlayfully tackle someone.
Rawr!An expression or general callout used by many furries to imitate the sound of a predatory animal.
RefShort for reference sheet. Used to give more information and a visual overview of a character.
ScaleyMore specific than ‘furry’ – refers to a character with scales, such as a reptile.
ScritchesScratching behind the ears/head.
SergalMore recent popular furry specifes, shark-like headed (from the Vilous unisverse), fictional
ShepGerman shepherd.
SnepSnow leopard.
SonaShorthand for fursona.
VulpineOf or having to do with foxes.
WololoThe act of assimilating someone into the fandom.
YCHA type of commission where an artist draws a scene with a generic character and people bid to have their character replace the generic thing. Short for ‘Your Character Here’
YiffGenerally refers to any sexual act involving furries (or works depicting adult content).

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