Kitwana Lion awarded honorable mention at the Good Furry Award 2021

The Good Furry Award is an annual award that is presented to one furry (or a group of furries) to recognize them for outstanding spirit in the furry community. The award is held since 2019 and features each year a selection of nominated candidates which are then voted by the community to select a winner as well as three honourable mentions, the runner-ups to the furry (or group of furries) with the most votes. The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $500 as well as a trophy, while the honorable mentions will each recieve a trophy as well.

Kitwana Lion was nominated for the 2021 Good Furry Award with the following nominee description:

Kitwana Lion is a bright beacon of positivity and the possibility of overcoming your personal struggles to achieve happiness for others. He was the Guest of Honor at Anthro Northwest 2019 alongside Kijani Lion through the theme of “Growth Beyond Self” where he represented the belief that anyone can make a difference in the world. Kitwana does a lot of public fursuiting with the purpose of making children smile and through COVID teach people about the importance of health and safety. He also has a channel where he reviews toys in a manner that is appealing for toy collectors as well as children. Kitwana Lion is a passionate man whose love of furry extends beyond just donning a lion suit and running around being silly but reminding us that furry can also be a catalyst of happiness for many people, including children.

Alongside fellow furs Paco Panda and VinceWuff, Kitwana recieved the honorable mention while the winner of 2021s award was Cassidy Civet, a trans furry and person of color (POC). The honorable mention is well deserved for Kitwana, as he is all about spreading joy in the fandom, which he does with his fursuiting and toy review videos. His positive energy can be felt at every suitwalk and event he attends and he is also involved in the charity organization Swiss Furry Friends where he, amongst other things, fursuits for children with cancer.

Congratulations, Kitwana!

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